Saturday, 21 February 2009

Learning a little more each day

My lovely son Andrew has been helping me again and I have managed to do a little more on my blog. I have started to add some of the sites that I really like. It has been a lovely day today quite springlike but a bit chilly. I had a good morning tidying my sewing room and Oh Boy! it needed it but now it looks great and I have more room again. I did'nt realise how much fabric I had but I love it all.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Just one of my clematis flowers this one is called Josephine.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hello, It's 8.30pm and I am feeling a little tired. I helped my son Andrew move back home today and he has been showing me how to do things on my blog thats why I now have a beautiful heading showing lovely bluebells. I hope he stays around a bit because I really do not know what I am doing.
I have been looking at some of your lovely blogs they are all so beautifully done I hope I can get that good.
It has been a lovely day today we actually saw the sun and it felt warm and I spotted some yellow crocus just opening thats my first spring flower. I love my garden and cannot wait to get started on tidying it up it always looks a little sad after the winter but soon it will burst with life and that always lifts the spirits. I am now going to have a nice cup of tea and do a little quilting.
I took the photo's of these bluebells whilst walking in a wood last spring.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Blogging for the first time

This is my very first blogging experience and I am not sure what to write, I will begin by telling you that I am a Quilter, I started to quilt 3years ago when I retired at the age of 60. I had worked for 10 years at Toys R Us in Leicester England, before I worked there I loved children now I am not so sure. I have a son Andrew and a daughter Kate and my lovely husband Tony. Kate is planning a wedding to take place in August of 2010 and she wants a vintage (Shabby Chic) theme so lovely times ahead. I am making Kate and Steve a bridal quilt and I have chosen the double wedding ring pattern, I am using scraps of floral prints in mainly pinks and greens and it is beginning to grow.
My son Andrew is a graphic designer but, is hoping for a change in career, he has decided he wants to teach which of course means going back to school himself.
The weather here has been awful and and I am getting a bit impatient to start tidying my garden, the daffodil bulbs are well through and things are starting to get buds on them so roll on spring.
I hope this enough for my first effort, I have seen some lovely blogs with lots of pictures and really interesting stories, I hope to add pictures and things to my blog but I have to learn how to do that yet.
Hope to do better next time.

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