Saturday, 8 January 2011

More Chintz

Hello Everyone, here are my two new pieces of chintz, they were presents for christmas and now sit beautifully on my shelves with the other pieces, this stuff is so pretty I love it.
We actually have a little sunshine today and it is making everything look so much better, the birds are out in force enjoying the little bit of warmth. Tony and I have been along to a general auction viewing today and they had some nice stuff, I will take Cottonreel on Monday to have a look, she has never been to an auction. Are you all getting over Christmas now? I think I am it always takes me a while to sort myself out but I have put it all back in the boxes until next December. I have also had a change round and moved the christmas stuff upstairs into a cupboard and moved my wadding downstairs much more convenient. I am still hand quilting a white wholecloth quilt it is starting to look lovely and I have an itch to do a Hexagon quilt I was cutting out papers all last night. I have so many scrap pieces of fabric I want to go through it all cutting out squares and Hexagons so that they are ready to use when the fancy takes me. I had a Ruffler foot for my sewing machine for christmas and I keep looking at it, it looks a little complicated and I am scared to actually attach it to my machine and have a go but I will have to try soon. I hope you are all having a happy day.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Losing Weight

Hello, I don't know if you are feeling like me but I feel really unhealthy at the moment and I would like to lose weight. I know that diets do not work I have tried plenty, I know that I need to eat healthily and exercise, well, I love to eat but I am not too good at exercising but I think I want to give it a go I have been over to Jenny at Elefantz and she is starting a new blog with her friend Fee it is called 'Never Trust a Skinny Cook' and on this blog there will be recipe's and things to help you get healthy and lose some weight, if like me you want to get fitter and slimmer join this blog and give it a go.

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