Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A really hot day

This is a photo of Tony stood outside the house where Captain James cook used to live and work and where he set off onhis adventures around the world. When I was in Australia I saw the place he landed so I found tis little cottage very interesting, it is a lovely little fishing village called Staithes and we spent a pleasant day there exploring. It has been very hot here again today a real effort to do any work although Kathleen and I managed a shop this morning but I collapsed this afternoon to watch the tennis, I had the front and back doors open trying to create a breeze. Andy Murray won his quarter final match and is now into the semi's so we are all going a little crazy over here. See you soon.

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Busy Weekend

Hello Everyone sorry I hav'nt posted over the week end but it has been rather busy. The weather here is very hot at the moment so you tend to do everything a little slower but it is lovely to sit in the garden in the evenings and smell all the lovely smells. We were busy gardening because we are going away for two weeks on Friday 3rd and there is always so much to do before you actually get away. Kathleen and I went to the garden centre yesterday and she bought more roses because they were on offer it was so hot we sat and had a pot of tea and perspired gently. I have been watching Wimbledon when it is too hot to do anything else, last night our one and only Andy Murray played and oh boy did he make us suffer it was a 5 setter and it was nail biting right to the end but he finally won Hooray! you must forgive us Brits we get a little bit silly at this time of year. I have been hand quilting my yellow and white quilt but because of it's size 100"x100" it is a little bit hot when laid across my lap so I think I will have to lay it across the table and sit and quilt there. I am off to town now to shop for Birthdays I want to get in early and get back before I melt.

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