Thursday, 5 August 2010

My Bargain from TK Maxx

Sorry I have been missing for a few days I have been shopping for the wedding and Tony's birthday. Cottonreel and I went shopping on Monday but before we got to the boring bit we went on a mystery tour, we were looking for somewhere we had been before when we saw a sign for 'Wistow' which is where an old friend of Cottonreel lives so she said "Come on lets see if we can find Nancy". We found Wistow and then I had to rely on Cottonreels memory and sense of direction (neither very good), after a few false trails we eventually found the driveway to Wistow Hall part of which has been turned in flats and this is where Nancy lives. What a setting! beautiful countryside all around, sheep grazing and lovely flowers everywhere. We stopped outside an open window and Cottonreel got out she raised her voice a little and called Nancy through the open window, What a shock for poor Nancy who after a while forgave us for giving her a fright. We had a lovely time talking and then went to Wistow Garden Centre just down the road from the Hall, what a great place lots of little shops selling all sorts of nice things we mooched for a while and then had a lovely lunch from the cafe, sat out in the sunshine, we left Nancy with a promise of another visit wether she wants one or not. On Tuesday I was out shopping for Tony's birthday and I can never resist TK Maxx and I saw the above plate with a hole in the middle so obvously a cake stand, I looked everywhere for the rest of the set but found nothing. I then asked the girl at the register and she checked, she said it was an odd piece and I could have it for 70pence, I took it home and added the handle and 'voila' I have a lovely cake stand. Wednesday it was shopping again for the wedding I was looking for nice tights and they had to be pale and shiny I found them in good old M&S so I bought 3 pairs just in case. Today I am going to have a good go at my country quilt I really want to finish it now. I expect my postings will be a bit intermittent until after the wedding but I will do my best to put something on now and again. See You!

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