Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Twins Have Arrived

Hello Everybody, sorry it's been a while but all I seem to do at the moment is Shop, my feet hurt, my bank account hurts and now I have to wrap all the things I have bought, I'm not really grouchy I love Christmas but it is hard work.
Anyway thats the moaning over The twins I have been doing the quilts for have arrived safe and sound, they were good weights 6lbs 4ozs and 6lbs 3ozs poor Christy carrying that weight around the little girl is Sofia Andrea and the little boy is Harris Stephen, my daughter Kate is absolutely besotted with them. This is Harris's quilt which I have just finished, the little Bee came from Cottonreels she found me 3 lovely baby patches and I thought this one was perfect for this quilt. To day I am dressing my dresser with christmas things I will show you when I have finished.

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