Sunday, 10 February 2013

We have found a new home, we found a nice bungalow which has an extra room added which will be great for my sewing room, we have had our offer accepted so fingers crossed we are hoping everthing will go through o.k and we can move during spring/summer. The rooms are not a bad size, some of our furniture will not be needed, the kids want some of the spare things and the rest can go to a charity shop, I would like some new stuff and I look forward to shopping for it, the bungalow is just around the corner from Kathleen (cottonreel) even closer than we are now she cannot wait tosee inside,(so nosey).

The weather is foul today and we are expecting snow overnight, I have stared a medallion quilt because Kathleen tells me I have to stretch myself, she is taching me how to do it, Iam doing the centrepeice at the moment, I am so lucky to have my very own teacher.

I don't know about the rest of you but I could really do with some sun on my bones it seems ages since I felt the warmth of the sun, when we were kids everyday seemed warm during the summer and we spent every day outside, I cannot remember when we last had a long hot summer, I remember the summer of 1976 it was so so hot and it went on and on, it was the year Tony and I got together and every day seemed magical and I still feel that way about my lovely man.

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