Sunday, 6 June 2010

My Garden

Hello, it has been simply lovely for the last 4 days the sun has shone and it gave me that 'Glad to be alive' feeling. Tony and I have been working in the garden and we have managed to plant all the plants I bought so we just wait now for them to flower. The smell in the garden is wonderful in the evening quite heady I wish I could bottle it for a perfume. I took my dippy friend Kathleen (cottonreel) to the fabric guild on Friday but before we left her house she had made a cup of tea with two paracetemol tablets instead of t.bags in the teapot and then she said" I will just comb my hair" which she did, then she gave it a spray BUT!!!!!!! not with hairspray she used Fly spray, yesssss, fly spray, so after a lot of commotion we washed her hair because she was worried it would go green and fall out, after this we had a nice day and then I went home for a rest and to lie down in a darkened room, Have you got any friends like this.

Losing a Friend

I am feeling sad today because I have lost one of my blogging friends, Gypsylulu passed away at the end of the week and I will miss her, she was a lovely lady and she loved all the crafts we do and she did some lovely one's herself. She has been ill for such a short while but I am glad she is out of pain, I thought about her every day and hoped she would win her fight but she did'nt make it. God Bless you Gypsy.

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