Saturday, 7 December 2013

Hi Everyone, Tony and I have been in London for a couple of days, we went to see the lights and have a walk around the shops especially Hamleys Toy Store, we bought toys for Jude and Freddie, we also went to Foyles bookshop and. got them some lovely books.
The lights were wonderful, we walked the length of Regent Street and Oxford Street my feet are a bit sore today
The Snow globe was in Piccadilly  Circus over Eros, we also went to Covent Garden Market which is very upmarket a bit special;
Before we came home today we had a lovely breakfast in a French restaurant it was delicious. The photo's below show The Queen on her throne and the royal wedding all done in Lego, the little man peeping over Williams arm is my Tony.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here is a Baby quilt I just finished, it's labelled and ready to go to a baby called Seth, I did a quilt for his brother Laurie who is now 18months old and Seth is brand new.
Here is my other quilt which has taken me forever to quilt but I love it, it will be a present for someone next year but , I  want to keep it for a while because it has taken me so long to do, Kathleen nagged to try one of these quilts and I am glad she did.
How is everyone's shopping going, it is getting a bit crowded now, we had a lovely day yesterday we did food shopping and Christmas shopping Kathleen also managed to buy herself two lovely tops from Monsoon, we both love that shop and spend ages walking around oohing and aahing , I bought my daughter a dress for Christmas it is truly beautiful, we then went next door to Accessorise and bought earrings so, a good day was had with two stops for coffee and munchies.

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