Friday, 26 November 2010

Hello, I bought these shelves at an auction in Cockermouth they cost me £14, what a bargain, they have taken me a while to rub down and then paint, I have used some of this new Heritage paint and it is lovely. The knobs I bought when we were on holiday in Cape Cod and I love them they cost just $1 each. We have finished decorating now and we are pleased with everything it all looks clean and fresh. I am busy making new cushions and trying to tidy my sewing room in between christmas shopping and cake making. The weather here in England is really cold, lovely sunny days and very hard frosts at night, some of the country has got snow. Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Busy Times and Sad News

Hello everyone, gosh this time if year is so busy with decorating, sewing, shopping, making cakes and Puddings plus all the other daily jobs too. The weather here is very cold at the moment but, the sun is out and everything looks clean and sparkly. I am getting on quite well with my Christmas shopping and sewing but still have some to do. The sad news is Cottonreel lost her Mom last Friday, she was a bright and lively 97 year old with a zest for life but she fianally started to fail and died peacefully in her sleep last Friday morning. Kathleen is sad but realises that her mom had to leave her sometime soon, so lots of hugs for Kathleen (cottonreel)

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