Monday, 2 July 2012

A Funny Thing Happened

Shopping today, collected Kathleen (cottonreel) called in at the bank to unlock Kathleens pin, on the way out of the bank Kathleen asked me to feel inside her skirt band as something did'nt feel right, I looked and could see a line so far down across her backside but nothing else, we carried onto Fosse Park (shopping Mall) and went into BHS (department store) as we were walking around Kathleen was still squirming and fidgeting about and suddenly she said I need to get to a toilet my knickers are coming down, well of course we started to giggle and as the toilets were upstairs we started to go up by which time the knickers were a knee level which made me giggle even more because I had visions of Kathleen stuck half way up the stairs with her knickers locking her legs together, by this time we were helpless, totally incapable of moving, tears streaming down our faces, we finally got to the top of the stairs and into the toilet where Kethleen removed he offending item and put them in her handbag, Honestly you just do not know what is going to happen when you share a day with Kathleen but boy do we have fun.

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