Saturday, 29 December 2012

Here are my last two squares for CJQP2012 YAY! I am looking forward to seeing them when put together to make a wallhanging for our bedroom.
Jude and Grandad putting together his new
garage on Christmas day, we had a really lovely time at Kate and Steve's they did a great dinner it was nice not to have to cook. Jude was a real little darling and took everything in his stride enjoying every minute of the day, what a lovely memory.

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Wishing You all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a New Year full of Joy.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Two more blocks for CJQP 2012, I have just two left to finish and then I can put it together, I will make the blocks into a wallhanging for our bedroom, these pictures are a little blurry I was tired when I took them.
Kathleen and I have been shopping today, it is very cold and due to get colder, we have nearly finished the Christmas shopping now just got all the packageing to do, I must admit that is not my favourite job and I am always relieved when it is done.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Christmas Present

Just finished this crochet blanket for my niece, it,s really pretty, I just need to go around the edge to finish it off . Claire has just moved in to a flat in London and is getting a home together so I thought this would be a good pressy.
It is freezing here today everything is white with frost, our son Andrew and his girl Becky are moving into  their new own home today they are very excited, we are just off to help ith the move.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Yesterday I posted about some towels I have made and I also put this book on and I wrote quite a lot but, Blogger seems to have eaten my written post and Rudolph disappeared altogether.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Kathleen and I went to The Fabric Guild yesterday and some amazing ladies had left us 200 bears ready to be sent off to sick children, people are so kind, we had a lovely time looking at all the fabric and there were some smashing Christmas panels, lots of people buying lots of 'stuff' we had a coffee and chatted to two ladies who have only just started on this journey and it was making them very happy.
I have been Christmas shopping this morning it was o.k because I started early but by 11.30am it was a nightmare, by this time I had quite a lot of bags so I decided to come home and have a cup of tea.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Jude's Crazy Suit

Hello, I wanted  you all to see this oh so joyful photo of my grandson Jude having the time of his life, he is such a happy little chap we are so proud of him.

Today I am going to pick up a new car, my old peugeot 205 finally died and had to go to the scrapyard, I was very sad to see it go, Kathleen and I have had many laughs whilst travelling in that little car, I hope the new one is as friendly.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hi Everyone, here is one more CJQP square, I am a little behind with my squares but, I am working hard to catch up.

It has been so cold here for the last two days, winter has arrived, I must not moan though at least we do not get hurricanes or super storms, not yet anyway. I have started to think about Christmas and feel exhausted just thinking about it but I know once I get into the swing of it I will be o.k., we are spending Christmas day at Kate's this will be the first christmas I have not had to cook the big meal I am looking forward to that and I am especially looking forward to being with Jude for his first Christmas, I cannot believe he is 10 months old already.

I have  2 quilts on the go at the moment a hexagon one made with all Tilda fabrics, and a double wedding ring in blue and white with applique edges which is for my son Andrew and his fiance Becky when they get married so I have a little time to complete that one.

I am going to start dinner now because I want to watch Strictly Come Dancing, I love it....

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hello everybody, what a lovely weekend we have had here in Leicestershire, Tony and I have spent it all in the garden clearing old stuff and planting some new stuff. Tony has been to the tip 3 times and we have filled our gardening bin and we still have loads to do.
Strictly Come Dancing started on Friday and was on again on Saturday, I must admit I love this programme it is such a nice one to watch with the family, I love the dresses and the beautiful dances, I do love the waltz, quickstep and foxtrot they are so elegant, so every weekend until Christmas is now booked.
Our little Jude is growing, I cannot believe he is 9months old, did I tell you trhat Kate is having another baby in March, not planned but very much looked forward to, they don't want to know what it is this time so I will have to posess my soul in patience until March.
Our son Andrew and his fiance Becky have bought their first house and are waiting excitedly to move in, they have also booked their wedding fot the 19th July 2014 so lots of excitement in our family, we are really blessed.
I do find this new blogger a bit confusing and I think it's look is boring but I am finding my way around, I know from reading other blogs that people find it a tad confusing, we are all such creatures of habit but I thought the other blogger was working well so why change?
I am now off to relax and put my feet up.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Jenny's Giveaway

Jenny of Elefantz has a lovely givaway go have a look. I have Jenny's magazine every month on pdf. it is a lovely mag. with lots of patterns and recipe's and Jenny always has something interesting to say, she also has a guest who gives a free pattern so it really is worth having. Go check out that giveaway.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Lovely Family

Jude went to his first wedding on Saturday and he looked a little smasher.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

He's Done It

Andy Murray is the U.S Tennis Champion, I am so happy for this lad who has carried the hopes of the british people like a ton of bricks on his back, we have all watched and wished and cried for this talented man, what a relief for him and he did it so beautifully. I have been watching him for years and he has thrilled me, frustrated me and made me cry, I did'nt want him to do it for me I wanted him to do it for himself and now he has, Well Done Andy amazing Job.

Friday, 31 August 2012

CJQP July Block

This is my July block for CJQP, it is quite hard to keep finding new things to put in these blocks but once I get started I love doing them, I want to put them all together when they are finished to make a wallhanging for my bedroom, I have them in a file and they look so pretty.
We saw our grandson Jude today, he is such a warm cuddly bundle, I cannot believe he is 8 months old already, I am sure all grandparents feel like we do.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

I Spy Quilt

I have had a lovely day in my sewing room today, I have been putting together an I Spy quilt for Jude, it has lots of animals and fruit and veg all very colourful oh there are cars and trucks as well, I also added lots of ribbon tags as Jude has a fascination for silky labels and concentrates very hard on them poking his little finger at them so I found lots of different texxtured ribbon and made lots of tags for him to play with, all I have to do now is put it together with wadding and a backing and then quilt it, I may have a go on Kathleens longarm quilter so that I can get it done quickly.
Hope you are all having a good day.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

I have just started an 'I Spy Quilt' I have not done one before but now I have started one I can see why children would love them, they are so colourful and I am using lots of different childrens fabrics so that there are lots of different pictures, I have lots of different animal prints in really bright colours, Jude will have many happy hours finding different one's.

Kathleen and I popped out to do some food shopping today as it is a bank holiday here this weekend, we were utterly amazed at the amount of food people were buying anyone would think they were shopping for a month not one extra days holiday, we went today to save going on holiday Monday. The weather is of course not good, this is usual on Bank Holidays here it would'nt be the same if we did'nt have to go out with a mac and an umbrella.

I am sat in the summerhouse posting this and Tony is sat just outside and any minute now he is going to get wet because I can hear thunder in the distance and there is a very black cloud right over his head, I really do not feel like cooking dinner tonight, I would love someone to present me ith a lovely meal as a surprise but I don't think that is going to happen, Oh Well! have a great weekend everyone.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Proud Grandad

Here is Jude sat on his Grandads Landrover, he really loved it and his Grandad was so proud of him, what happens when you become Grandparents? we have become so wrapped up in this little chap he gives us so much pleasure and he is becoming a real little character, we are babysitting tomorrow, can't wait.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

CJP for June finished block

I have just finished this block, I am a litte behind and stll have July,August to complete. I am pleased
with this one .
It has been very hot here today I think we are getting some weather coming over from the continent, I am sat in the garden typing this and it is lovely the honeysuckle smells divine and the roses are looking much better, the heavy rain we had rotted all the first flowers but now the second flowers are beautiful.

I am finally finding a bit more time to blog it always gets more difficult through the summer.

Friday, 17 August 2012


Yay!!! just finished another ripple blanket, this one is for Kate she loves to cuddle under mine when she is here so I thought I would do one for her house, I love making things for my kids it's so rewarding.

Lovely Quilts, my favourite is the Teatime one, and I love the little crazy patch purses.

Do you remember that boring brown shelf I bought at the charity Shop for £5 well here it is painted and wallpapered, I am really pleased with it and I have started to put my perfume bottles on the shelves, I need to collect some more.
Kathleen and I went to to NEC yesterday to the quilt show, it was really good we had a smashing day, we both bought fabric and Kaffe Fasset books his books are so lovely, I bought the Provence one and the french buildings are so lovely and the quilts look lovely draped over them, It was a tiring day but very enjoyable, there was an Australian booth there Faeries in my Garden and the lady knew Jenny of Elefantz, the world is definitely getting smaller.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Charity Shop Find

Hello, I bought this shelf from one of the many charity shops, it cost me £5 I have been working on it and in the next few days I will show you what I have done with it.
Today has been a typical Monday, shopping for food with Kathleen, we had a good day and we managed to sort out a problem Kathleen had with her interlocker, I don't know much about them but apparently they are a pain to thread, it was a very simple problem which could have been solved quite quickly if the manufacturers instructions were clearer it really should,nt be that difficult.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Little Holiday

Hello everyone, we have been away for a week when we heard the weather was going to be good we just upped and went. We were lucky to get an apartment in Brighton in the Marina, we actually stayed in an apartment on a pontoon that is floating on the sea in the beautiful evenings and watched the sun go down it was lovely, our balcony looked out over all the boats moored up for the summer some of them going out for the day and some people actually living year round on tneir boats. We have eaten lovely food mooched around antique shops and generally had a relaxing time. There were lots of things I would have liked to bring home but of course there was nowhere to put them we only have a small car but I took photo's. We are home now and the washing is done just the ironing to do ( that may take a little longer)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Weekend with Jude and Kate

Hello all, Tony and I have had a lovely weekend with Kate and Jude,Jude's Daddy is on a boys stag weekend so they came to stay with us, Jude is growing so quickly and is such a happy boy we love seeing him.
The weather here in England has been absolutely awfull there are so many floods, those poor people I cannot imagine what that must be like. I am off now to get ready for Murray/Federer it will be hard to watch, I have a cushion ready, (I don't know how i suddenly went to italics).

Monday, 2 July 2012

A Funny Thing Happened

Shopping today, collected Kathleen (cottonreel) called in at the bank to unlock Kathleens pin, on the way out of the bank Kathleen asked me to feel inside her skirt band as something did'nt feel right, I looked and could see a line so far down across her backside but nothing else, we carried onto Fosse Park (shopping Mall) and went into BHS (department store) as we were walking around Kathleen was still squirming and fidgeting about and suddenly she said I need to get to a toilet my knickers are coming down, well of course we started to giggle and as the toilets were upstairs we started to go up by which time the knickers were a knee level which made me giggle even more because I had visions of Kathleen stuck half way up the stairs with her knickers locking her legs together, by this time we were helpless, totally incapable of moving, tears streaming down our faces, we finally got to the top of the stairs and into the toilet where Kethleen removed he offending item and put them in her handbag, Honestly you just do not know what is going to happen when you share a day with Kathleen but boy do we have fun.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

CQJP for May

This is my CQJP block for May I am a little behind but June will follow shortly. These little crazy patchwork blocks are so nice to do and when all twelve are finished I am looking forward to putting them together. Every time I go through my bits for a block I get sidetracked playing with all the lovely things. Oh well! time to dish the dinner up.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Children and Wars

Here are three little Teddies I have knitted to go to a war torn country somewhere in the world, they have their own little bag too. Doctors have found that children who have someone to cuddle and love get better much quicker than those who don't so these teddies are always needed as the children are allowed to take them home when they are feeling better. Sadly this is an ongoing thing, so I will be knitting them for a long time.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Long Time No See

Hello everyone, its quite a while since I posted anything, my husband Tony retired and we have been busy with bank things and just generally enjoying being together. Yesterday we went to Donnington Antiques Fair and I spied this little bobbin case and I could,nt resist it. I also bought the Lavender box which I love, Lavenham Lavender is famous in England and to go to the Lavender fields is quite something, I am not quite sure what I am goung to put in it but I will show you when I have decided.

The sun is actually shining today, Tony has gone fishing and I am going shopping with cottonreel, the garden has been looking lovely with lots of Lupins and Foxgloves, very pretty, I think we have two days of sunshine and then we are back to the rain Hey Ho!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A beautiful Week

Hello everybody, what a lovely week of weather we have had in England, this lovely rose popped open this morning and it smells devine. I have been very busy in the garden and shopping for new plants Cottonreel and I have been to so many garden centres we are exhausted but we have bought some lovely things.

Tony and I had Jude for the day on Sunday it was lovely he is such a good little boy and his grandad loves to take him long walks in his pushchair, he is usually asleep 5 minutes after he leaves the house.

We are still trying to sell our house but it is a slow job people are very wary at the moment about spending money but we live in hope.

I received my Summer Magazine from Pat Winter this week it is brilliant, the cover picture has a beautful story behind it if you want to read about it go to Just Lilla blog it is quite sad, I am going to watch the French Open now, tennis is my secret vice.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Good Day at Malvern

Cottonreel and I went to Malvern Quilt Show Yesterday, we had a really good day it was a lovely show with lots to look at and drool over. the first photo of fabric is not from Malvern but from the Fabric Guild, we went there today I got a lovely 3yard piece of floral fabric for £9 and the 6 fat quarters were free, they do a voucher scheme and this pack was on offer for 10 vouchers.

I bought a height chart at Malvern to make for my grandson Jude it's a Nancy Halvorsen one.
I got some lovely silk ribbons and a pack of silk fabric and some really pretty bits of ribbon, ricrac, and other nice bits for crazy quilting. the beads were a real bargain at 80pence a bag or three for £2.00 they are really pretty, the spot fabric was £5 for 5 fat quarters and I love spots. Worcestershire is such a lovely county and it was a nice sunny day, the hills were very clear, there were lots of people there, it is not far from the welsh borders so lots of welsh people, I love to hear all the different dialects, we had good journeys there and home again it's about 150 mile round trip when Kathleen (cottonreel) phoned this morning she said she would love to be doing it all again today. well... now I have all this stuff I had better do some sewing.

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