Monday, 15 March 2010

Carpet delivery and fitting today

Hello everyone, First of all I hope all you Mothers had a lovely Mothering Sunday mine was great, I had a visit from Kate and Andrew with flowers and cards which were lovely but seeing my kids was enough to make me happy. Kate and I did a lot of wedding talking, the kids stayed for dinner and we had lots of chat around the table, I love it when we can talk and laugh together.
My bedroom is having its new carpet fitted today, all the painting is done so the carpet is going down. The new bed is being delivered tomorrow, and the mattress on Thursday so, a busy week. I am looking forward to putting up all my pretty things and using new bedlinen for the first time. It is my Birthday on saturday 20th I will be 64 that is a bit of a shock as I still feel about 26 but I am very happy I am still here with my Lovely Tony and my kids. We are going away in the caravan next week for a few days, we were going in Feb, but ir was so cold we delayed, but we are giving it a go.

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