Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hello everybody, what a lovely weekend we have had here in Leicestershire, Tony and I have spent it all in the garden clearing old stuff and planting some new stuff. Tony has been to the tip 3 times and we have filled our gardening bin and we still have loads to do.
Strictly Come Dancing started on Friday and was on again on Saturday, I must admit I love this programme it is such a nice one to watch with the family, I love the dresses and the beautiful dances, I do love the waltz, quickstep and foxtrot they are so elegant, so every weekend until Christmas is now booked.
Our little Jude is growing, I cannot believe he is 9months old, did I tell you trhat Kate is having another baby in March, not planned but very much looked forward to, they don't want to know what it is this time so I will have to posess my soul in patience until March.
Our son Andrew and his fiance Becky have bought their first house and are waiting excitedly to move in, they have also booked their wedding fot the 19th July 2014 so lots of excitement in our family, we are really blessed.
I do find this new blogger a bit confusing and I think it's look is boring but I am finding my way around, I know from reading other blogs that people find it a tad confusing, we are all such creatures of habit but I thought the other blogger was working well so why change?
I am now off to relax and put my feet up.

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