Thursday, 16 December 2010

My Lovely Friend

I am the luckiest girl who has the BEST FRIEND, just look at these silk flowers they are absolutely beautiful. Kathleen andI went shopping and she bought me this gorgeous arrangement for christmas Wow! she not only bought it for me she arranged it too, she has such a talent for flower arrangements and she magically brought these to life. When Tony came home he actually thought these were real they look so good. The weather here is about to turn very cold again and they are predicting a white christmas which will look very pretty but!!! it will make it difficult for families to get around and visit each other, we are not very good at snow. This morning on the news they showed a picture of an Ice Sculpture it turned out to be a lighthouse that is covered in ice somewhere in America, now thats cold.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Tree

On Sunday we went and chose our tree from the farm, it's a lovely place to be, there are children running about high on happiness because of all things christmassy and trying to choose their own tree there are carols playing in the yard and a chalet that has all things christmas for sale. To walk across the fields is wonderful and it sure heals the heart, what a wonderful world we live in. When we got home and got out all the decorations we had a lovely time because most of our decorations have a lovely memory attached it takes us ages with stops for cups of tea, when it was finished we turned on the lights it was getting dark outside so the room was lit very softly, we sat there and enjoyed the peace and wonder of it all.

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