Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Day at Ikea

We went to Ikea yesterday my friend Kathleen and I. First we had coffee, Kathleen had a breakfast and I had a pastry, them we walked and walked we looked at everthing, then Kathleen needed the Loo so back we walked, around in circles we went but we eventually found the Loo. Then off we went again past the same places until we reached a new bit that we had'nt seen, the Kathleen wanted some Lunch so back we went over the same old ground until we found the restaurant which luckily has a Loo as Kathleen now needed another visit, then we settled for Peshwari Chicken with rice which was delicious, Kathleen had Two glasses of Lingonberry so you can guess where we went next,then we walked and walked past the same things again. We paid for our goods and Kathleen wanted to pop over to Laura Ashley so we did, by this time we were both so tired I don't know how we got to the other shops but we did but we had eaten too much and both had indigestion, which made us laugh (I don't know why). We finally got back in the car to come home and we were so tired we got really silly and had fits of giggles. We finally got home after a smashing day and fell asleep.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Here it is the place I go to for all my lovely books which take me on a magic journey through other countries and tell me wonderful stories, Lovely places! There is a line in a song my Son Andrew is always playing and it goes "Libraries Gave Us Power" how true that is once the ordinary working man and woman started reading it gave them the power to better themselves and have decent lives it was a long hard road but we all got there and now education belongs to everyone.

More Bags

Here are some more bags I have made for The Eve Appeal, I love the little gift bags I would think anyone would be delighted to receive a gift in one of these. I have lots more ideas for this type of bag they are lovely to do. I have been to the Library today and picked up a positive cornucopia of books I am really looking forward to starting them. Kathleen and I went shopping yesterday for the weekly food shop but tomorrow we are going to Ikea, we hav'nt been for a while so we are looking forward to it. One time I went with Kathleen we went early in the morning but, it was dark when we came out.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Where Oxford University Started

This lovely old church is St Mary The Virgin church and is Oxfords central parish church it was built around about 1086 and in the 13th century it became the University church and remains so today.
In the 13th century St Mary's was the University it was here that lectures were held and they had great debates.
In 1556 in the nave of the church Sir Thomas Cranmer was tried and condemned for treason, Cranmer was the author of The Common Book of Prayer. He was burned to death in front of Balliol College.
Now there's a cheery story for you, this church is very beautiful and the choir stalls fascinated me the wood was so pitted and just running your hand along them made you almost hear the stories they were trying to tell.

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