Friday, 18 May 2012

Good Day at Malvern

Cottonreel and I went to Malvern Quilt Show Yesterday, we had a really good day it was a lovely show with lots to look at and drool over. the first photo of fabric is not from Malvern but from the Fabric Guild, we went there today I got a lovely 3yard piece of floral fabric for £9 and the 6 fat quarters were free, they do a voucher scheme and this pack was on offer for 10 vouchers.

I bought a height chart at Malvern to make for my grandson Jude it's a Nancy Halvorsen one.
I got some lovely silk ribbons and a pack of silk fabric and some really pretty bits of ribbon, ricrac, and other nice bits for crazy quilting. the beads were a real bargain at 80pence a bag or three for £2.00 they are really pretty, the spot fabric was £5 for 5 fat quarters and I love spots. Worcestershire is such a lovely county and it was a nice sunny day, the hills were very clear, there were lots of people there, it is not far from the welsh borders so lots of welsh people, I love to hear all the different dialects, we had good journeys there and home again it's about 150 mile round trip when Kathleen (cottonreel) phoned this morning she said she would love to be doing it all again today. well... now I have all this stuff I had better do some sewing.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Bra's !!!!!!!!

Cottonreel and I went shopping yesterday this is usually a good experience but, Kathleen (cottonreel) was looking for Bra's, have you ever shopped for Bra's with a friend? well it is a unique experience. Kathleen did not want to be measured she was not in the mood for stripping off so we found some pretty Bra's which she thought were the right size, when we went to pay the assistant suggested she be measured, she gave in and disappeared into the changing room for what seemed like a long time but came out with a smile on her face wearing her new bra her old one in the box she had decided it was too comfortable to remove. We were very pleased but Kathleen was shocked that she needed such a large cup and we giggled a lot about this. Kathleen then decided that she would look in M&S for at some more bra's with a bit of oomph! you know more lace, pretty colours, she loves pretty underwear, we must have spent over an hour looking for her new size , I was on my hands and knees looking on the bottom rails for her size she found a few but was cross that the pretty one's did'nt seem to go up to her size, whats the matter with Bra manufacturers? do they think once you reach a certain age you don't need to feel pretty in your underwear, well Kathleen is 78 years old and still likes a sexy bra.
Last night the phone rang it was Kathleen she was giggling a little bit, all the bra's she had bought did not fit although she had chosen the size she had been measured for , we spent about 10 minutes laughing a lot because we have to go through all this again and we see the funny side of most things, soooo! within the next few days we are again going Bra shopping I hope there will be lots of coffee involved or I won't be able to cope but we can't drink too much coffee because then we have to visit lots of loo's and that can be a problem because they are not always where you need them to be, oh well, Happy Days.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mothers Day

A very Happy Mothers Day to all of you celebrating, we have our day in March in England, Hope you all get spoilt.

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