Saturday, 18 August 2012

CJP for June finished block

I have just finished this block, I am a litte behind and stll have July,August to complete. I am pleased
with this one .
It has been very hot here today I think we are getting some weather coming over from the continent, I am sat in the garden typing this and it is lovely the honeysuckle smells divine and the roses are looking much better, the heavy rain we had rotted all the first flowers but now the second flowers are beautiful.

I am finally finding a bit more time to blog it always gets more difficult through the summer.

Friday, 17 August 2012


Yay!!! just finished another ripple blanket, this one is for Kate she loves to cuddle under mine when she is here so I thought I would do one for her house, I love making things for my kids it's so rewarding.

Lovely Quilts, my favourite is the Teatime one, and I love the little crazy patch purses.

Do you remember that boring brown shelf I bought at the charity Shop for £5 well here it is painted and wallpapered, I am really pleased with it and I have started to put my perfume bottles on the shelves, I need to collect some more.
Kathleen and I went to to NEC yesterday to the quilt show, it was really good we had a smashing day, we both bought fabric and Kaffe Fasset books his books are so lovely, I bought the Provence one and the french buildings are so lovely and the quilts look lovely draped over them, It was a tiring day but very enjoyable, there was an Australian booth there Faeries in my Garden and the lady knew Jenny of Elefantz, the world is definitely getting smaller.

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