Thursday, 5 January 2012

I wont get boring I promise

Just a quick photo of Jude William Boothroyd, thats a mouthful for such a little chap, I have been to see him today and I was so proud to see him wrapped in the blanket I knitted for him. Kate was a bit tearful today but that is normal, I did all the ironing and changed the bed so that they have a nice clean bed to get into tonight, they were all a lot calmer when I left, it's a bit scary bring a baby home but, they are doing well.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

He's Arrived

Look who arrived today! Our first grandchild arrived this morning at 5.15 he weighed in 7lbs 12ozs and we think he is absolutely beautiful, I cannot give you his name yet as my daughter and her husband cannot decide on one, so he is just our boy.
I have been up nearly 24 hours waiting for this little fellow, Kate's waters broke last night around 8.30pm she went into hospital at 12.30am and he was delivered in a birthing pool at 5.15, his Daddy Steve phoned to let us know and he came out of hospital at 1.30pm and we got to see him at around 2.30pm, it was love at first sight for him and his grandad who is holding him in this photo, I got to hold him too he is beautiful. I was desperate to see my daughter and bless her although she looks very tired she is relaxed and happy.

Monday, 2 January 2012

CQJP January Block

This is my first Crazy Quilt block for the CQJP project, I am really nervous about showing this as the people who have entered are very very good their work is exquisite, what I am hoping is that I will improve through the months as this is a year long project. I love doing crazy patchwork but have no idea about theme's so I am just winging this. I love collecting the lovely silks and beads and lace for crazy patchwork and can spend a whole evening just looking and stroking.

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