Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A cup of tea is what was needed yesterday, we removed the beams from the ceiling, they were black and there were nine of them they made the room dark and we hated them, but now the room is so much lighter, we also removed a dividing glass partition and door that was between the kitchen and lounge it was very 1970's, Tony is replacing it with a stud wall and then I got home from shopping and the fireplace had gone, we are now stripping all the layers of wallpaper off the lounge walls it's a lovely feeling stripping the room back so that we can make it all new and clean and bright.
Tomorrow Cottonreel and I are going to Malvern Quilt Show, we love it there and always have a lovely day, I have been clearing my sewing room of boxes, the table is in place with the machine on top and I am unloading all my files and books the dresser is looking cute with jars of buttons on the shelves, I am looking forward to spending the day with Cottonreel  it always amazes me that she is still so enthusiastic after all these years.

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