Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Hi everybody, are you all still doing as much shopping as me, I am nearly done all thats left now is to make sure we have all the food then I can relax and start to enjoy myself.
Tony and I always go to a farm to choose our tree, my husband is very choosy and we have to find the perfect tree so we slog around several fields before he is satisfied that we have the perfect tree and then we take it to the barn to be netted, and we bring it home we usually struggle to get it through the door but manage it, we sometimes have to trim a bit from the top to stop it touching the ceiling and then my favourite bit getting out the decorations and bringing our tree to life making it a tree of memories, this is when I usually feel that christmas is really nearly here Magic!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Dressing My Dresser

Hello Everybody, I have been having a lovely time dressing my dresser for Christmas, it looks so pretty with all my snowmen and father Christmas's. I get quite excited when I start getting out all my things some things you have forgotten about some are new and you have forgotten you have bought them and some are really old friends. Kathleen (cottonreel) and I spent a day just strolling around the shops in Leicester City today we had a lovely time, we were not looking for presents or anything we just browsed, there are some lovely things about and Kathleen bought herself some new clothes which she was'nt looking for but just came upon them that really is the best way to shop. I am off now to pack some more parcels.

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