Thursday, 26 February 2009

Hi I thought you would like to see one of the brooches from my collect of Lea Stein bakelite jewellery, Is'nt she lovely I love to wear her on a jacket
people always notice her. I started collecting
Lea Stein about 2years ago and I have received
some lovely items for birthdays and christmas
presents. I will show you soome more later.
Hi, today has been a lazy day, I went to my quilting group this afternoon taking Kathleen with me, there were lots of lovely small quilts to see as the group is making quilts to give to the local hospital. The childrens ward will get the one's we are making at the moment so that each child gets a cuddle from a quilt whilst they are away from home, does'nt that create a lovely picture our group is called The Village Quilters and we are based in Blaby Leicestershire.

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

There is a story behind the collecting of these dear friend Kathleen loves charity shops. When she comes with me to find cups and saucers she usually buys things herself which she does'nt really need and by the time we get home she does'nt really want, this has caused much laughter in my little car, yesterday it was a teapot I do not know where it will end up but I will let you know.

These are a selection of the cups I am collecting for my daughter Kate's wedding, they are so pretty, she wants every guest to have vintage cup
and saucer to take home, there will be a cupcake
each cup made by yours truly.

Monday, 23 February 2009

I was feeling a little blue today so I looked at my photographs and found this lovely wood which is near my home in Desford Leicestershire, England. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and thought what a beautiful world we live in.

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