Friday, 9 April 2010

My Garden

My garden is beginning to look very pretty and springlike, I stepped out early this morning with my cup of tea and looked all around, the flowers are all starting to push through and the sun is shining. I have been to the fabric guild today and bought some bits and pieces, there were lots of people there buying lots of lovely fabric and they were all smiling because of the sun.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Shabby Roses Quilt

Here is my Shabby Roses Quilt, I have loved doing this quilt it is so pretty I got the patterns from Jenny of Elefantz it was a BOM Jenny is very generous with her patterns and I have used quite a few. It was a lovely project to do through the winter evenings I have put a scallop edge on it which I still have to bind but I wanted to show you .I am going to keep this quilt for myself.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

My Other Buy

Here is the other item I bought, it is so pretty I am really going to enjoy using it, a lot of people will think this is junk but to me it is £12 worth of heaven. It will take me ages tp decide what to put in it and I will keep it close so that I can use it whenever I want or I can just look inside and sigh with pleasure. There was one compartment full of buttons there was also a needle case which someone had made and a tin of pins with someone's name scratched on the bottom also a lovely wooden ruler. Today I am going to polish it a little not too much because I love the little scars it has it means someone has loved it and then I will start to fill it this is going to be such fun. I hope you all have a happy day too.

More Lace and Old Flowers

What a lovely day we had yesterday Tony took me to the Lincolnshire Antiques Fair it was huge over 3000 stalls. We walked miles my feet are sore today but it was well worth it. As you can see I found some more antique lace and some old silk and velvet flowers they are so pretty. I was looking for a mirror for my bedroom and I found the lovely gold one with the cherubs on the top and then I spotted the old metal one and could'nt resist that one too. They both need a little restoration but nothing major Tony can sort them out, and they only cost £15 for the two. I also bought something else which I love I will show you that tomorrow. I have never seen so many beautiful things in one place and it was funny to watch people trying to load things into their cars which were never going to fit. There were some beautiful French Glass light shades they were a bit expensive but I think they are worth the money. I have been dreaming all night about where my goodies will go and what lovely thingsI can do with the flowers. Hope you all had a good day.

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