Monday, 14 July 2014

Hello everyone, I am still alive and kicking, you will be glad to hear that our bungalow is very nearly finished, just a few small jobs to complete, it is so nice to put out all my precious things it is like finding old friends.
The two lovely people you see above are Andrew (my son) and Becky who are getting married on Saturday, they are a lovely couple and have saved hard to have a lovely wedding day, I am so looking forward to seeing all our relatives and meeting new people, the venue is lovely and their theme is Garden Party! I made them 100mtrs of bunting yes, that is 100mtrs to help decorate the Marquee and there will be lots of flowers, Kate my daughter has an old bike with a large basket on the front which is going to be filled with flowers and will have a                       ' Wedding this way' sign attached, I will post photo's.
Kathleen and I bee shopping today, we always call into a garden centre for coffee and we always come out with plants, I am so looking forward to getting out into the garden and making it  lovely, we  have a lot of work to do one of the first jobs will be to dismantle two old sheds so still plenty of work to do here, Kathleen's garden is looking absolutely beautiful it's a real garden full of flowers and colour she does a great job,
I have been quilting as much as I can and I have finished a quilt which is a present for a Golden Wedding Anniversary I will post a photo

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