Sunday, 13 June 2010

Baking Cookies with Kate

I have had a great weekend with my daughter, we went shopping and had a good browsw around the shops and I managed to find my shoes for the wedding Hurray!! The rest of the day we spent making cookies for the wedding we made 200 and then we iced them in two different pinks, they are now in my freezer and nearer the date they will be put into cellophane bags and tied with a ribbon another little idea of Kate's for her wedding, needless to say we were both very tired when we finished. We managed to watch the World Cup Football in between doing these things and I also made a lovely dinner with tiger prawns fresh tomatoes, red pepper, onions. and feta cheese that was baked in the oven, it was a triumph. We are off in our caravan on Tuesday for a few days we are going to Norfolk so we are looking forward to that, I will blog when we get back.

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