Friday, 29 May 2009

Lovely Lupins

Sorry I have'nt spoken to you all for a while but I have been so busy, the garden seems to get untidy in the wink of an eye. The sun shines on my windows and I realise they need cleaning, the washing and ironing never stop, shopping for food, mopping the floors, dusting the list goes on and on and on top of all that I have been fighting my hexagon quilt into submission trying to put the wadding and backing on,my daughter came over for a crash course on how to use her sewing machine without breaking the needle but, I think I have caught up a little with all my chores now so I canstart looking on all my favourite blogs again. Do you like my Lupins I love old fashioned plants my delphiniums are nearly out and the foxgloves are just starting to pop, is there anything better than a summer garden.

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Lion King

We had a wonderful day in London, it was a warm sunny day and we strolled around just enjoying the sights. Trafalgar square was very busy with people having their photo's taken and sitting on the steps and any protruding bit to eat their lunches and drink their water and coffee it is always a lovely sight. The parks were busy too with families picnicking and enjoying the day. The Lion king was wonderful, such energy and the childrens faces were a picture when the animals paraded down the aisle's especially the Girraffs and the Elephant with the baby elephant following. The singing was so beautiful and the audience was very receptive and they clapped and cheered everything. After the interval, all of a sudden the aisle's and balcony's were filled with the girls and boys of the company and they held long sticks with beautiful birds on the ends and as they floated them about the birds soared all around the auditoriam making a wonderful spectacle the colours were amazing. If you have'nt seen this musical I highly recommend it, it is simply Magic!!!!

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