Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Two Lovely Boys

Here are our two lovely grandchildred Jude and Freddie, they are so beautiful, if I sound like a doting Grandmother it's because I am.
We are still sitting looking out at snow which is really beginning to get annoying,, I phone Kathleen every morning and we moan about the snow we have beecome obsessed with snow.
It is quite frustrating for me at the moment because I want to buy new garden plants and because I don't know exactly when we are moving I can't, Tony did go and get Kathleen and me a Bramley Apple tree the other day which is potted ready to move with us but usually I am haunting the garden centre's at this time of year, never mind I must possess my soul in patience.

Monday, 25 March 2013


There is a rogue e.mail on the rounds,it is supposed to be from my friend Kathleen Solomi (cottonreel) and she is supposed to be stranded in the Phillipines and wants money please ignore the e.mail it is a scam, Cottonreel is very upset and she is having trouble getting on to blogger.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

I have just started to read this book and I am finding it really interesting, it's  about a young Quaker girl travelling to America from Dorset and trying to settle into a new Quaker community in Pennsylvania and learning about the runaway slaves, there is a lot of information about quilts and quilting and Tracy Chevalier actually made a quilt so that she would be know first hand what it was like. I am sure it will go on to include the Underground Railway which was a way of helping slaves to escape, I am sure that if you enjoy quilting you will enjoy this book.

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