Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Snow and More Snow

Yes, it is still snowing here in England and as always it is causing chaos, we really do not deal with snow very well. Everything looks very pretty dressed in it's white finery and there are some wierd and wonderful shapes where the snow has landed on things still out in the garden. We are putting out lots of bird food and the bird table is very busy, it is funny to watch we have very bossy blackbirds. Yesterday I walked to the post office to post my Australia parcels then called into the shop for Pecan and Apple pastries then carried onto Kathleens for a cup of tea, we sat and had a good natter(chat) and ate our pastries Kathleen using her finger to get every bit off the plate. I found something really beautiful on one of the blogs called How Sweet the Sound, I was visiting aA Gathering of Thoughts and she suggested that I go to How Sweet the sound and look at the dvd clip about the shopping mall, this I did and what a wonderful surprise I got, I suggest that if you want to be uplifted go and check it out.

How Young They Look

These are photo's of my Lovely Dad and My Beautiful Mom. I never saw them when they were young as my Mom had 10 children and I was the youngest consquently I can only remember them in their fifties. They were such hardworking people and we always had clean clothes and enough to eat. I remember my Dad being good fun but a bit strict and my Mom not quite so strict but if you disobeyed her she soon let you know, it's hard to umagine them being this young. I remember christmas's well and there was always a stocking at the end of the bed with and Orange and some nuts, a few
big old pennies to save or spend, a sugar mouse nothing like todays kids get but we loved it, and then downstairs Santa always left us a pillowcase full of goodies like books and puzzles, paints, games and usually a torch. We always had something new to wear on christmas day and my older brothers and sisters who were then married always came to christmas tea, what a noisy lot we were, we were always ready for bed when the time came. These are precious memories and when our kids were growing up we always tried to make christmas a magic time starting with the carol service at the local church which was always a favourite of mine there is nothing like a good rousing carol to make you feel christmassy and thankful. Have you all got good memories of christmas?

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I Forgot this bit

re. the previous post, once you have printed on the fabric take some parchment paper place it over the printing and iron, this sets the ink. I use cooking parchment paper.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

How I Printed on Fabric

Some of you lovely people wanted to know how I printed on fabric, well I can only tell you the way I was told, so here goes.

First you need some plain cotton fabric, I used White dying cotton which was about £2 a mtr.

Some Freezer Paper.

I then cut out an A4 size piece of freezer paper and ironed it to the fabric so that it stuck firmly.
Then cut out exactly to the A4 size.

Place this in your printer so that it prints on the fabric side.

Find something that you want to print and do exactly as you would if you were printing on paper.

Be a bit careful here if it starts to go a bit wobbly take it out quickly.

My printer seems to do it ok. and it is and Epsom DX7450 just an ordinary printer. Good Luck!!

Printing On Fabric

I have just learnt how to print on fabric and it is lovely. I have made these two cushion covers as presents and I am really pleased with them, mind you I have cursed a little when things have gone wrong and I thought I was going to block my printer but in the end it was quite simple.It opens up a whole new world these two pictures were printed off the Graphics Fairy and Miss Rhea they are both very generous with their artwork, I am looking forward to trying some more.

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