Monday, 21 July 2014

Hello Everyone, these are just a few wedding pictures, Andrew and Becky enjoyed every minute of their special day, the picture of the two people sat at the table are my husband Tony and me and the little boy is Jude our grandson he had popped over for a visit, the cake was made by my daughter Kate as a gift for her brother and his wife, she had never made a wedding cake before and she had never made icing flowers before but she did a wonderful job didn't she? the next picture is of my daughter Kate and her husband Steve, the one with the ice cream all over his face is Freddie our other grandson, the day started with torrential rain and got worse I as really worried as we drove to the church but the closer we got the less rain, until finally it stopped and the sun came out God was definitely on our side, it is such a joy to see your child so happy and they are now on the way to Bali for a once in a lifetime Honeymoon.

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