Thursday, 8 July 2010

Lovely Roses

Hello everybody, sorry I have'nt blogged for a while but this time of the year is so busy. Our gardens in England are all looking a little dry it is so long since we had any rain, I am not complaining I love the sun, one thing that seems to have done well this year is roses looking around all the gardens they seem to be very abundant really beautiful. We are off in tha caravan again next week we are going to the Lake District which is in Cumbria. We have never been there but it is supposed to be very beautiful and usually rains a lot so I am taking my wellies and a large umbrella. Before that, Kate is coming on Saturday this time we are making tiny cakes to have with the champagne at her wedding, I am looking forward to making these and then freezing them Kate has done a dummy run so she knows that they freeze beautifully.
Kathleen and I have had a busy week shopping gardening and sewing, I went round yesterday to get some help with my crocheting because I do it all wrong so she made me sit all morning whilst she watched and told me every time I went wrong, she says if I go back to old habits she will know by the tension so I had better get it right. We then went out to look at the garden and I ended up on my kness digging a hole for a plant and weeding a large patch where the bird seed had landed on the gravel and grown through, she is very crafty my friend she leads me out and then then drops her bombshell which usually ends up with me on my Knees. Hope you are all having a good summer.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy Holiday.

Happy 4th July to all you American bloggers. Hope you have a lovely day. I was lucky enough to be in Boston on the 4th and saw parades, and in the evening we went into a park on the Charles River and we were entertained by the Boston Pops Orchestra and Fireworks. It was a memoraable day.

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