Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I got very excited when I went to sewing circle on Thursday a lovely lady named Ann brought in a load of fabric she wanted to get rid of (How could she) the money you give for the fabric goes to a local charity. As you can see the charity will do well out of me but I just cannot resist. The florals are my sort of fabric especially the small ditzy prints I can do so much with these. The others are baby flannels and are so pretty I am thinking of making cot quilts with these as Kate's future sister has just announced she is expecting twins, she wants to know what sex the babies are so as soon as I know I can utilise these fabrics. I have never made a baby quilt so I am looking forward to that, I found a lovely one in the Australian Patchwork and quilting magazine called Sophi's Bears but I kept the pattern and forgot the template for the bears and I have now passed the magazine on so I will have to try to get a back copy, that was a stupid thing to do was'nt it.

My Dining Table Has Been Taken Over

Hello, as you can see my dining table has been taken over . I am now ready to start putting this top together, there are 8 rows of 8 and the green bits are telling me which row is which. I had to move my machine downstairs because this quilt was too big to do on the table in my sewing room, my husband says when we buy a new house it has to have a huge room just for my fabric and to house a huge table I will look forward to that although it is quite pleasant to sew and be able to look out at my garden.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Busy Weekend

Hi Everbody,what a busy weekend, we had beautiful weather and spent all day Sunday in the garden I planted lots of pots and baskets and dis some weeding too. We were still outside at 9pm messing around I still have two climbing roses to plant but don't know where to put them yet. The smells in the garden were wonderful at that time I wonder what it is that makes flowers smell so much better in the evening. The picture you see here is one I took when we were in Rome, this took my breath away it is so beautiful, we just sat and soaked up all the atmosphere it is lovely when lit up at night too. I have to go and start putting a quilt top together now.

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