Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Tea Birds

Just a quick note my daughter has updated her blog go along a give her some encouragement they are trying so hard to get their business off the ground, there are some lovely pictures of vintage weddings and birthdays they have done.

A Good Day

Hello, I have had a good day today I saw my Son Andrew and his lovely girlfriend Becky this morning and I then travelled to Nottingham to see my lovely daughter Kate and my brand new son in law Steve, Kate and I went shopping in Nottingham, we strolled around the shops which are all getting geared up for christmas and spent a little money as it's Kate's birthday soon, she took me to a lovely little junk shop which had all sorts of wonderful things, I will go there again and we had coffee and cupcakes in a vintage cafe. I came home to my lovely husband Tony who had spent a great day fishing, we sat and chatted and had dinner in a cosy warm house, and now I am off to bed with my book where I will read a little while I wait for Tony to finish watching the football and then when he comes to be we will curl up like two spoons and sleep. How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, 3 October 2010

An Amazing Story

As you know my daughter Kate got married to Steve recently and went to America on honeymoon, they had a wonderful week in New York the Waldorf Astoria upgraded them to a suite and they were thrilled. They then journeyed to Chatham in Cape Cod and stayed in a lovely cottage on White Pond where they were greeted with a lovely sign on the door saying Just Married and a bottle of champagne with two lovebirds attached such a lovely thought. They went to the beach lots of times and on this particular day Kate was sunbathing and reading and Steve had just come out from a swim and was drying himself, suddenly a little voice said "Kate I've lost my wedding ring, its fallen off in the sand" immediately thay start to look frantically and this goes on for a while to no avail, so both upset they set off home to the cottage. When they got home Steve went into the little store shed that was attached to the cottage and came in with a metal detector which needed batteries so off to the supermarket to get some and yes it did work so they went back to the beach, they discovered a couple of pennies and some silver foil but nothing else at this point Kate was really upset and I think a bit cross and started to cry saying "I really thought we would find it" and she dumped the metal detector on the sand at which point it gave out a loud noise, well yes you guessed it they carefully cleared the sand and there was the wedding ring, What a relief to them both,a pretty amazing story and I am so glad it had a happy ending.

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