Saturday, 4 May 2013

We Have moved

 Hi people, we are finally in our new home and it is utter chaos, it was such hard work we worked solid for 3 weeks packing boxes and sorting stuff, we got rid of loads of stuff but I am afraid more must go, we still have too much stuff. I must be honest and say I was very emotional all day yesterday I felt we had made a terrible  mistake and I just wanted to go home, I phoned  Kathleen last night and she was a bit worried, she came around this morning and made things seem much better, there is a lot to do in this bungalow and I am sure that once a lot of the boxes have disappeared it will help, we are going to start on the Lounge first so that we have somewhere nice to sit and be comfortable, there is a doorway to be bricked up first and a fireplace to be ripped out and a new one to be put in, my son called in yesterday took one look at the fireplace and said " It's a bit Liberace Mum" it would look good in a big room but is far too big for our lounge so lots to do but I feel much better after a nights sleep, speak soon.

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