Saturday, 10 October 2009

Getting Out and About again.

Hello People, I am beginning to feel a lot better and Kathleen and I have managed to get out and about on Thursday and Friday. We went to sewing class on Thursday and it was very busy we laughed and giggled our way through that (Ask Kathleen to tell you about The Prunes) and it was lovely to see everyone and they were all extremely noisy. On Friday we went to The Fabric Guild and they had some lovely fabrics all very pretty I could'nt resist the one with the Teapots on and the floral one was a no brainer, the pale blue striped with sprigs of roses on is for backing my blue and pink quilt and the roll of fat quarters in rich glorious colours was just love at first sight. We had coffee and a chat with different people everyone appears to be buying christmas fabric gearing up for the season, I love christmas but it takes me a while to believe it's really here again so I will get there but it takes me a while. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Free Motion Quilting

Hello everybody, I am still not 100% but fely up to some sewing today.Kathleen is very good at Free Motion Quilting and I am scared stiff to try it and as you can see by my first two efforts I have every reason to be scared. Kathleen phoned me after I had completed these two and asked how I was getting on and I said "I don't like it" that was of course a challenge issued and she arrived at my house 5 minutes later. The first thing she made me realise was my shoulders were so tense they were up past my ears so she made me shake and relax them. My next effort was a little better The flower in the middle is Katherine's and she told me to follow what she had done, I found it incredibly difficult but had two goes whilst she directed me. The next one with lots of flower heads was a little easier and they were definitly getting better. The last two were my best effort and I felt completely drained so I was told to rest, but that I must practice every day even if I had to use my husbands underpants, Thats my girl! Does anyone else find this difficult? I am going to sit and do a little hand sewing now because I can.

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