Thursday, 9 April 2009

Easter Bunnies

I love these bunnies. All the shops seem to have themed windows for Easter if it's not bunnies it's chickens they are all very pretty.
I went to Quilting Group today it is always so nice to see all the lovely things people create and they have such different ideas so every week you learn something new. I am scared of colour and it takes me ages to sort out what I need but some people just go right ahead and put colours together that I never would and they look great, so I am getting a little braver about colour. I hope you all have a very Happy Easter.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tidying a sewing room

I am having a quiet day today because yesterday my friend kathleen had me clearing out her garage which is also her quilting room. Let me tell you Kathleen is not the tidiest of quilters and every so often we have a sort out, by the time we had finished I was ready for my reward of a lovely cup of coffee. Kathleens garage is like Aladdins cave we find all sorts of things in there that she has'nt seen for years, you have to sort of twist her arm a bit to get her to throw away stuff ,but yesterday we had a big bag full for the charity shop no doubt it will all happen again in a couple of months. Oh Joy!


Hooray it worked, I have written everything down so hopefully I will remember how to do this link thing. Gosh having a blog is really making my brain work perhaps thats a good thing. I am now going to have a cup of tea to restore me, see you later.

Hello Everybody,

Thankyou for trying to help me with my lonk problem I think I nearly have it so I am going to mention Diana Knotts Musings and practice. I think I am nearly there but this 63year old brain needs a hammer to knock everything in.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Kensington and Chelsea

Hi the man stood by the lampost is my husband Tony and the row of coloured houses you can see on the left of the picture is the start of Portobello Rd. The blossom trees Tony is stood under had the most wonderful smell. I have just visited Diana Knotts musings and from there went onto a quilting blog Anya and from there to Hill creek quilters where I found out about Selvedge quilting it's fascinating. and I wish I knew how to highlight the blogs so you all could visit them but I dont can anyone help?

Monday, 6 April 2009

What a Day

Hello Everyone,

It was our shopping day today, so off we go I needed to get primer/undercoat for a door I am painting so we stopped at B&Q our local DIY shop I got everything I needed and then on the way out of the car park a huge four wheel drive reversed into the side of my poor little peugeot 205 I now have a large dent in the front passenger wing both Kathleen and I were o.k but Kathleen was furious with the woman because sh obviouslt had'nt seen us at all bur never mind she has admitted liability so my little car will be made as new, I love my car it takes me on all sorts of adventures.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

A Real Toe Tapper

Oh joy! what a great show, the music is so good I sang all the songs and probably annoyed my neighbours but it was such a lot of fun Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are so good.


I loved this shop it had so many lovely items they had trays and trays of glass door and cupboard knobs, Wonderful lights fabulous frames and mirrors I could hace spent all day just browsing here.

A lovely shop on the Portobello Road

Same shop

Back from London

Hello everybody, it's good to be back, we had a brilliant time and the weather was very kind, dry,warm and sunny.
my feet are sore but we saw lots of lovely things and enjoyed ourselves very much. The picture you see here is of one of the little antique malls in Portobello Rd market it was fascinating I don't know how everything stayed on things were just piled up in heaps. I have become very intimate with the London Tube and the buses we have been miles on them they are so good. I could have spent a fortune in this market there were so many lovely things. Tony bought me two art deco brooches they are lovely I am so lucky my hubby is a real treasure.

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