Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I am still here, still painting walls and skirting boards, we are working very hard to get sorted it's coming together slowly and I can see our new home will be lovely when completed, the walls for the conservatory are up and they are coming to do the glass next week then we will lay the tiles, we did manage a couple of days away and on the way home called into  garden centre, I saw the rose you see above it is called  Nostalgia and smells absolutely beautiful.
The weather here is gorgeous at the moment very warm, I am hand quilting a large quilt at the moment that is keeping me sane I also want to start making bunting for my sons wedding I have a year but they want a lot so I must get going, We are going to see my in-laws tomorrow and my daughter and her two boys are joining us, great grandma is excited.
Time for bed I will try to post more often have a lovely summer.

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