Sunday, 19 January 2014

Hello People, I am still here but, as you can see I am really busy knocking the kitchen about, the plumber has been the electrician has been and the plasterer has been, Tony an I have spent the last two days getting out what was left of the old kitchen and putting dishes and stuff back into boxes, we now have just two cups two plates and some other bits, I have condensed all the tinned and packet food into the last of the kitchen cupboards which I will be really glad to see the back of, we also had to get up a wooden floor and under the floor were the most horrid black tiles which we have now chipped off we just have to get rid of the horrible lino tiles and we will be ready to start laying our new floor, we have no means of cooking only the microwave, my sink is no more, the only water to fill a kettle is in the bathroom, Tony has managed to keep my washing machine so that I can use it and we have our old freezer which is being moved into the hall tomorrow so life is a bit difficult at the moment but we are managing, I have just sat down to write this but Tony is on his way to the tip to get rid of all the cupboards and the wooden floor and the tiles so a large cup of tea for him when he gets back.
I hope you are all well and your new year has started well, I will post piuctures of the kitchen as it progresses.

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