Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Love Buttons

If you love buttons please visit The Button Floozies it is a great site with lots of lovely ideas for all those buttons that we all have in jars and tins and all sorts of containers well nows your chance to do something with them. Enjoy!


This is my man relaxed and happy whilst he fishes and the ducks were a delight to watch they were so busy and bossy the little ones were funny to watch and there was always one that seemed to get away from Mom. I am now going to look at everyone else's blog and can I ask if there is someone who can tell me how I take a button from someone else's blog to put on mine I would love to know how do do this.

My Man and A very Busy Mum

Ledbury Herefordshire

This is a little jewel it's main street is lined with small shops all very individual just asking to be browsed around. The pictures are of the narrow street leading up to a beautiful church and at the top near the church is the Church House. I really loved this place it was so peaceful.


The first picture is of an ally in Hereford that led to all sorts
of exciting shops the best
one being Doughty's a famous quilting shop in England I had a good browse in there and of course bought some fabric. The other picture is of Hereford Cathedral which dates from 1079 and houses The Mappa Mundi which is a medievel map that dates from the 13th century. This was a beautiful spot surrounded by a green where people congregated to chat and eat and look.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Home Again

Hello Everyone it's lovely to be home, we have had a lovely week, the weather has been simply lovcly and the site we were on in Hereford was absolutely beautiful. I have more photo's to show you but I need to get allthe washing done and then cook dinner, back to reality! I will catch up with all the blogs tomorrow.

A Beautiful Place.

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