Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chintz Chintz Chintz

Hello everybody, I bought these two pieces of chintz china and they are so pretty. The butter dish is in a pattern called June Roses and I think the Cake plate is Sunshine. I love this china and I am trying to collect a few pieces to put on some new shelves that I am painting.
Kathleen and I went to Ikea today we went early and had some breakfast when we got there it was delicious. We bought some bits and pieces, they have their christmas decorations out and as I only like Glass ornaments I was pleased to see some glass angels and glass hearts, I like to try and buy some new decs. every year just a couple to add to all the others. Kathleen bought a book shelf which I am going to put together for her and some fleece blankets which she wants to use to back a christmas quilt. We both bought a plant, I am not very good with houseplants so mine will probably die a horrible death quite quickly. Does anyone else have this effect on plants?

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Old Cookbook

This is my oldest friend in the kitchen, I have had this Delia Smith Complete cookery course for lots and lots of years. The spine has gone and the pages are stained but every recipe I ever tried in this book has worked it is a marvel. I always make the Rich Fruit Cake for christmas, her Yorkshire puddings never fail, her Lemon merangue Pie is to die for, the Spiced prawn recipe is so simple and yet so tasty. Over the years I have stuck babana labels on the cover some fall off some stay on. I have another cookery book that has lots of memories for me it is one of the Bero Books it was my moms and I have used it for more years than I can say, Kate made her first biscuits from it, the cover is long gone but the book remains stained and loved by 3 generations. Has anyone else got cookbooks like this?

Monday, 18 October 2010

Cushions and Cookies

Good Morning, this is a cushion that Cottonreel made for me, we started trying these cushions when Kate (my daughter) saw one in Cox and Cox catalogue but it was £82 so she asked if we could try to make her one and we did, since then Kathleen has made a lot of her friends one of these Union Jack cushions and if you go onto you will find a tutorial on how to make one yourself Jenny of Elefantz is so generous with her patterns do take a look.
Now the cookie recipe came from and they are delicious, you will not believe how simple they are, I made some immeadiately I read the recipe thats why they look a bit rough and ready I will neaten them next time but do try them if you like peanut butter these are just for you.

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