Saturday, 25 June 2011

Quilt Finished

Hello everyone, this is a quilt made from my Brother-in-Laws shirts, Peter gave me a bagful of shirts to use in my quilts so I decided to make him and his wife Hilary a quilt for a surprise, to add interest I have added some floral scraps which helps to break up the blue stripes. Kathleen asked me to have a go at freestyle quilting on my ordinary sewing machine, I have already done some freestyle quilting on a quilt as you go quilt which means it is done in small pieces but I have never done a completed quilt but Kathleen showed me how to roll up all the material so that it went through the machine and when I got half way to turn the quilt around and quilt the other way, I must admit I was a bit worried I would not be able to control all that fabric but I managed, I have just made up flowers which again Kathleen made me practice on some fabric first, I must say I am really pleased with the finished quilt and I hope Peter and Hilary are pleased to see his shirts again.

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