Friday, 27 August 2010

A Few More Pics

I love looking back at all these photo's and remembering what a great day it was.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Country Quilt

Here is the country quilt I have been working on for my son Andrew and his girl Becky. They are 4 and a half in squares and the blocks were six rows of three. The blocks joined by the quilt as you go method which makes it easier for me to quilt on the machine, the machine quilting is not perfect but I will keep practising. I used lots of large scrap pieces for the backing of each block. I am really pleased with it but I am glad it is finished. I have so many ideas and so many fabrics to use but I think I am going to do something for me, I have lots of pretty sparkly bits and lots of lace loads of buttons so a pretty wallhanging for my bedroom seems like a good idea..

Monday, 23 August 2010

Just a few photo's

Tony with his Precious Daughter

Here they are Kate and her Dad, I was so proud of my lovely baby, we had the most wonderful happy day it truly was one of the happiest weddings which is just what kate and steve wanted, I have'nt got too many photo's yet as I was so wrapped up in what was happening I forgot to take many but there were loads taken and I will put them on as soon as possible. I am missing them already they flew out today to New York and are staying at the Waldorf Astoria I tried to e.mail the hotel but could'nt find the correct e.mail address to let the hotel know that they are a honeymoon couple and to make it really special for them, so if anybody out there works at this hotel please make Steve and Kate Boothroyds stay at your hotel a really great time. Is it normal to feel a little weepy now after it's all over because I do, perhaps it is relief too that everything went so well. The worst happened and the heavens opened when we were in church but the vicar let the photographer take his photo's in front of the beautiful stained glass window and these will be so special. The speeches were beautiful and Tony made his baby weep a little and Steve made us all weep a little when he told Kate how much he loved her and the best man made us all laugh with his wonderful speech about his brother and Kate. We boogied all night, it was very warm and the rain went away so people were able to sit outside around the fountain and enjoy a drink. The wedding cake was so pretty it was based on a Kath Kidston fabric and Steve's Aunty made it for them. The best was the happy happy atmosphere whwre friends and family bonded and had a brilliant time.

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