Saturday, 3 November 2012

Hi Everyone, here is one more CJQP square, I am a little behind with my squares but, I am working hard to catch up.

It has been so cold here for the last two days, winter has arrived, I must not moan though at least we do not get hurricanes or super storms, not yet anyway. I have started to think about Christmas and feel exhausted just thinking about it but I know once I get into the swing of it I will be o.k., we are spending Christmas day at Kate's this will be the first christmas I have not had to cook the big meal I am looking forward to that and I am especially looking forward to being with Jude for his first Christmas, I cannot believe he is 10 months old already.

I have  2 quilts on the go at the moment a hexagon one made with all Tilda fabrics, and a double wedding ring in blue and white with applique edges which is for my son Andrew and his fiance Becky when they get married so I have a little time to complete that one.

I am going to start dinner now because I want to watch Strictly Come Dancing, I love it....

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