Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Finished at Last.

Hello everyone, I don't know if you remember butI showed you this quilt when I had just finished the top, well now it is finished and I love it, my husband says this is a keeper. I did not do loads of quilting just enough to hold the three pieces together I did big swooshy (is that a word) flowers on the multi coloured bit and I quilted around the flowers and butterflies on the borders. It took me 2and a half years to complete but it was worth it. I did a lot when we went travelling in our caravan so now I want another paper piecing project that I can do when we start to wander again. Off for a coffee now.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

It's a Cold Cold Day

Hi everyone, it is very very cold here today, the frost well and truly biting into the grass ther has even been a little bit of snow. I took the photo of these crab apples when Tony and I went for a walk they stood out like little jewels, I bet the birds have eaten them now.Tony and I went to visit his Mom yesterday as it is her birthday on Wednesday 3rd. she is doing fine but Dad is getting more and more confused I think his dementia is getting worse, I worry about Tony's mom because she is 84 and it is a lot to deal with but, she is patient and caring she manages to get out every day to the shops and has a little break she wants to cope as long as she can. Kate was there to see her Grandma and there was a lot of wedding talk so we had fun. I have just finished a quilt that has taken me two and a half years to complete it was made from tiny scraps which i made into hexagons and sewed over paper I have shown you the top on my blog before but now it is finished and quilted I love it. I hope you are all well and healthy see you soon.

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