Friday, 3 June 2011

Kate Moves House.

Hello everybody, we had a very busy day yesterday helping Kate and Steve move into their new house, it was a very hot day and we drank lots of water. Their new house is lovey it;s Gorgian and is three stories high The front room has the original cast iron fireplace with beautiful green tiles at the sides. there is also a small cast iron fireplace in each of the bedrooms on the second floor which are lovely, the top floor is one big bedroom and it is very pretty, their are lots of quirky little storage cupboards all over the house, we left the at about 7pm we were very tired by then it nearly killed me going up two flights of very steep stairs every few minutes. The garden is small and will be very pretty when they have time to get to it, there are boxes all over the place but the bed is up they have a settee to sit on and the tele works, the kitchen has most of it's goods unpacked and put into the cupboards so now they can unpack slowly as they need things. I have put on some photo's of my roses the top one is Albertine I only planted it last year and it has grown a lot and has lots of buds but this is the first full flower, the next one down is a pink rose we have had for years but I dont's know what its called, the little orange one smells like peaches and the yellow one is a lovely climber which gives you loads of flowers after the yellow one and before the red one is Silver wedding which was bought for us on that occasion and is another one that blooms and blooms, the red one is Ena Harkness she smells beautiful the very last one is called Penny Lane and grows over and arch with yellow Honeysuckle. so we have an abundance of lovely roses this year and I love them all.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Our House is Up For Sale

Sorry I have'nt posted for a while but this time of year is quite busy for me and has been made busier because of getting the house ready for sale and keeping it that way in case someone wants to look around. We have'nt found anywhere that we want to move to yet as things seem very quiet over here in the housing market but we are not in a desperate hurry.

Kate and Steve came for dinner yesterday, they are looking well and happy and it is always lovely to catch up with all their news and I love to cuddle my girl too.

The weather here has turned quite cold and very windy, not pleasant!Kathleen and I have been busy cutting up shirts for some quilts we have quite a lot they are all 100% cotton and we bought them from charity shops there are some lovely colours and we will mix in some floral fabrics to give them a zing, we spend many happy hours in Kathleens garage cutting, ironing (Kathleens ironing board in the garage has a wonky leg which kept attacking me) we went to buy a new board and things are easier now, we have a line strung across the garage with loads of these strips in all colours we will show you the quilts when they are done.

I am going to do some sewing now I have lots to do, speak to you soon.

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