Thursday, 25 June 2009


I went to see my friend Cottonreel today, we had a good chat and put the world to rights we enjoyed a coffee and then I made the mistake of going out to look at her garden which is looking lovely but, for weeks she has been trying to remove a huge root, so suddenly ther I am with a fork and spade in my hand digging around this root. Cottonreel is stood there being the forman and telling me how to do it and she suddenly said "Push it the other way so your weight is against it" so I did, I expect you can guess what happened next the root gave a little and I took a nose dive into the flower bed, there I am backside in the air covered in soil and where is cottonreel? yes thats right she doubled over and laughing so much she cannot get her breath, I said "Don't you dare get the camera" but she was could'nt move for laughing and as you know it is not easy to get up once you are down so as ladylike as possible I got to my feet. We went to the Garden Centre this afternoon and bought yet more plants and had Scones with jam and cream and a pot of tea. When we got home she had the cheek to ask me to plant a clematis for her Oh Well what are friends for.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Finished Quilt Top

I love this, it looks so fresh and clean, it is just a nine patch and I have used all my bits of fabric with yellow as the predominant c0lour. The quilt is for my daughter Kate for her spare bedroom she has made curtains and cushions herself and asked if I would make a Yellow and white quilt for her, I have been saving yellows for a while as you do not see them very often I have put a plain white border around the edge so, all I have to do now is put it together and quilt it, thats all!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

A long and Tiring Day.

We went to Wimbledon on Monday, we have been twice before and had no trouble getting in but this time ' Oh Dear' we got there quite early by starting out really early from home,we parked up it cost us £25 to park the car Yes that is right £25 and that was the cheapest we then got into a queue which was very long we were actually in a field with rows and rows of people, we sat and had a picnic with Spanish Irish Dutch and English people and had good fun everyone was very patient but, after 5 hours I had had enough and so Tony and I walked back to our car and came home we were very tired but we still managed to have a nice day and we met lots of really nice people and so today I am sitting with the Television on waiting for Andy Murray our only British hope to play his first game of the championships, it's beautiful outside and very hot I will have to do lots of watering tonight see you soon.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

High Tea.

Happy Sunday everyone, sorry I cannot stop, I have a busy day today it is Fathers day here and our family will be here to give their Dad some hugs and kisses so I am busy baking we are having High Tea with lots of goodies, I can prepare all this beforehand so that I can sit and relax with everyone. My husband is the greates Dad he loves unconditionally, always has time for us all, works hard to give us a lovely home and makes us laugh a lot. Happy Fathers Day to all Dads.

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