Thursday, 6 March 2014

Hello people, this is my new dresser for my new kitchen, I love it! the kitchen is getting there, we have a cooker, microwave and hob fitted and Tony is fitting the sink today it is at last beginning to look like a kitchen and not a builders site. I will post more photo's soon.
The weather here is awful today, I cannot wait for some warm weather so that we can start on the garden what a pleasure that will be after all this building work, I have planted lots of seeds because we have to start this garden from scratch and I want lot of plants to fill it.
Our little Freddie is 1year old today goodness me time passes so quickly, we have committed to looking after Jude and Freddie for one day a week when Kate goes back to work, she will only be working 3 days the other two they will spend in nursery, they are such lovely boys.
We are having a sad time at the moment with Tony's Dad he has dementia and has become very confused and a little aggressive Tony's Mum is 88 and finding it more and more difficult to look after him, he wanders around in the middle of the night, he doesn't recognise anyone anymore and he is starting to do silly things, we think the only solution is a home but what a horrible decision for Mum to have to make, we are all giving her the support she needs but only she can make the decision, what a terrible disease this is.

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