Saturday, 4 September 2010

Every Picture Tells a Story

They say every picture tells a story, well these certainly do. My nephew is researching our family tree and he sent me these, I am so pleased with them as I do not have any photo's of my Grandparents and these are My Grandparents. The Old gentleman in the bowler hat and the lady sitting on the chair next to him are my Dad's parents, did you notice his watchchain across his waiscoat and the shine on his shoes. The man with the pipe and the baby on his knee are my moms parents and the baby is my Mom. The old lady with the flower on her hat is my grandmother when she grew to be an old lady she was still very upright, the lady with her is my Aunt Flo, who was my mums sister and her two children. The photo of the children is very funny, if you look at the top one they are all very serious and then in the next one they have obviously been told to smile and they are all doing so. Do you recognise me I am the tall one at the back on the right hand side and the boy stood next to me is the nephew who sent me the photo's. I am the youngest of 10 children and my mom was 43 when she had me. I often think of all the hard work she must have done to keep us all clean and tidy, there were no washing machines then and yet we were always well clothed and clean and my Mom was a wonderful cook who could make a meal out of most things I can still smell her Lamb Stew with dumplings which used to be waiting for me when I came home from school, Lovely!

Monday, 30 August 2010

A Lovely Afternoon

Today is a Bank Holiday Monday, my husband always works these holidays and has a day off later, so Cottonreel and I went out to a place called Breedon-on-the-Hill in Leicestershire this is a pretty little village with a lovely church high on the hill, they also have a crafts and Antiques centre and we love to go there for a browse around but of course we have to have coffee and cake first. I got these cups from a man who was using them for ballast in buckets he was selling, the green one with morning glories on is a Royal Albert and he let me have it for £2 the other 3 cups had no saucers but two of them are Royal Albert and he let me have these for 50pence each thats less than half a Dollar and the little plate he gave me for nothing so I did really well, even though Kate's wedding is over I still cannot resist cups and saucers. Inside the building there were lots of antique stalls and one in particular was beautiful selling Vintage tablecloths, Napkins, pillow cases cushion covers and lots more, I have never seen such beautiful crochet edged tablecloths and she had so many, so as you can imagine we are going back there soon.

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