Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hello! I have finished my cushion, do you remember Kathleen and I went to a workshop in March to do this cushion and I have finished it today. I am really pleased with it especially the cat, it was a lot of work there are so many little bits to cut and sew on but I think the finished product is worth it, there is a night time one which I would like to do and I suppose you could do an Autumn and Winter one too, it would look good with snow on the windowsills and the tree.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Lovely Weekend

Good Morning, what a beautiful weekend we have had in Leicestershire, Tony and I have spent it all in the garden weeding and seeding mowing and tidying and having a thoroughly wonderful time, with copious cups of tea and lots of chatting. The Tulips are looking good and can you see how the Primroses are starting to seed everywhere they are very pretty. When my shoulders, back and practically everywhere else started to ache I would get my sewing and sit quilting and watch Tony do the hard work it was a lovely time spent with my man and one of those times when you feel glad to be alive and healthy, such simple pleasures!

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