Thursday, 15 April 2010

All Finished.

Hurray! I have finished all the hearts for Kate's wedding favours all 60 of them, they look lovely I have layered them between tissue paper with fragranced bead satchets they will all smell of roses, I made two extra satchets for Kathleen to hang in her wardrobe as she loves the smell of rose. I was eating my breakfast this morning minding my own business when there came a knock on my kitchen window Guess Who! yes that b+"!;#~ computer was giving trouble again but, fear not it is now sorted and as long as Kathleen can remember which password belongs where we should be o.k. Tomorrow(Friday) I am catching up with all the housework that I have missed doing whilst we have been playing with the computer. Can you believe it I am going to be ordering tickets for the Malvern Quilt Show it does'nt seem like 5 minutes let alone a year since I was posting about the great day we had last year, time really does fly.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another busy day

This lovely old tree is in a park near us I love all the gnarled old roots. Well!! Kathleens computer is up and running after a little help from the BT engineer to get her connected to E.mail, we just phoned them and they took me through it and once she had e.mail back she was happy, so now she has all the important bits and can happily blog away. To celebrate she made us a huge salad and a good old cup of tea and then we went to the garden centre well two actually. Now my car is a little peugeot 205 which luckily has a back seat that goes down to create a good space which is a good thing because yesterdayKathleen bought a tree, yes! thats what I said a tree! it was quite a long tree with branches which when inserted into the car decorated Kathleens head and ears she also bought quite a few other plants and a shrub so my little car does work hard. When we got back to her bungalow she asked me to reverse in so that the neighbours would'nt see that she had been shopping again, when we went out on Monday she said she di not want much but it took me five journeys to take the bags and stuff in. I am not going round today I am having a rest.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Oh What a Day.

Kathleen is back and Boy! do I know it. We went out a 10.0.clock this morning and I arrived home at 6.0.clock this evening after a full day of computer repairs, shopping, eating and Laughing, and we still cannot get her computer going, we need an expert because she has had it cleaned and so we have to re-install everything and we dont have a clue how to do that. We really are a pair of idiots when it comes to technical things but we will sort it somehow. I was quite rested last week and after one day I feel the need for a holiday but, I would'nt change anything she is great.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My Beautiful Daughter

Yesterday Kate and I went shopping for her Wedding Veil this is the one she chose the lady is just fluffing it out it, she looked wonderful, I of course got a bit emotional but I felt so very happy to see my baby all grown up and about to start on this incredible journey of marriage.
We had a lovely day shopping for all sorts of things and we had lunch and chatted about all things wedding, it was a truly special day one I will never forget. I have started a photo album that I will fill with before the wedding photo's and other bits and pieces that she can treasure and show to her own children in years to come. Our children are a very special gift.

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