Friday, 28 January 2011

A bit of this and that.

Have you all been following the auctions for the Brisbane Flood appeal? they have raised a very large amount to help those poor people who have lost everything, A very big Well Done! to all those blogs that took part it's a wonderful thing you have done.
Another busy week this week and HHHHHooray!! I have finished my white wholecloth quilt I just have to put the binding on now. I have become very interested in crazy patchwork and that is my next project, it involves quite a lot of embroidery as well and if you are interested in embroidery there is a lovely 25page booklet telling you how to do lots of stitches, type in Jan Kerton embroidery and go into Windflower embroidery stitch guide, it is very good.Tomorrow we are going to Birmingham for lunch this is a lunch we were supposed to have before Christmas but the snow put paid to that. I am looking forward to seeing all the family and chatting over good food. Hope you all have a good weekend. Oh, and Well Done Andy Murray! lets hope he can finish the job.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Jewellery Roll

As you can see I have had a busy day sewing today, it has been a really grey dismal day so I decided early on that I would sew. I got the kit for this jewellery roll when Kathleen and I went to Northampton last week, I loved the bright fabrics and thought I would like to have a go. It was'nt difficult to do but quite time consuming but I love the finished article and will make more. I am going to do some quilting on my wholecloth quilt now I am quite excited because I am about to join up and meet the quilting I started with, always a good moment. I hope you are all having a good Sunday.

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