Saturday, 14 March 2009

Hurray It's Saturday!

Good Morning everyone,

It is Saturday and very windy outside. My husband Tony is going to put up my lovely new shelf in my freshly painted hallway today, I already have lots of Knicks Knacks to put on it, I also have new pictures to arrange and little twiddly bits to do, very exciting. I am also going into my sewing room to carry on with the Double wedding ring quilt it is beginning to grow I can't wait to start quilting it. I have a lovely template for it so I must get on.
I saw a lovely quilt today on Scraps and Pieces of our Lives blog it was really effective and she was using scraps ! those of us who quilt have lots of those. Oh the sun has just come out so I am off to commune with nature and spray my roses.
Have a lovely day!
My good and loyal friend Kathleen (cottonreel) has given me this
award. I am so pleased and hope that I deserve it.
Thankyou Kathleen

Friday, 13 March 2009

Spring is on the way

Just been looking around the garden it is really beginning to look like spring out there. I love gardening it is such a miracle when seeds you have planted grow into beautiful flowers, for just a few pennies you can transform a garden. Like most gardeners I like to take cuttings and get free plants. The thrush in my Silver Birch tree was singing his heart out when I woke up this morning, my husband brought me a cup of tea in bed oh luxury of luxuries! and I listened to all the bird song but the thrush was'nt to be outdone he was louder than all the others. I think I will quilt this afternoon I have to work on my daughters Double Wedding Ring quilt it is for her wedding.I also just love to sit in my sewing room surrounded by fabric it soothes my soul. Speak to you soon.

My 1st Quilt as you go project

I have always wanted to make a Dresden Plate quilt and my friend Kathleen (cottonreel) encouraged me to try a quilt as you go, this is the first quilt that I machine quilted, I found it quite scary but I was thrilled with the result it is so pretty I did a piano border which was also a new venture but it was really good because I used up a lot of bits. I must admit I prefer hand quilting.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Chooks in a row.

I love this it's another happy item in my home.

Delicious Goodies made from Fabric

Another busy day, and it was a lovely day with sunshine that made you feel that spring is really on the way. My friend Kathleen (Cottonreel) and I are constantly on the lookout for fresh green shoots in the hedgerows and we saw lots today whilst we were on our way to our quilting group. I also took a look around my garden and found blue and white violette's, primroses and the daffodils are beginning to pop. There has been a songthrush at the top of my silver birch tree singing his heart out how can that fail to lift your spirits Lovely!

My finished dresser

Here is my lovely dresser it took a lot of hard work but it was worth it I just love it . There are lots of my favourite things on the shelves and it always makes me happy

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Distressing a Dresser

This is a dresser I purchased from a charity shop for £34 I will post a picture of the finished item soon. It took me quite a while to rub down and then distress the dresser but it was worth it as it looks good. I do enjoy working on things like this
, they give such satisfaction when they turn out the way you want them to.
See you tomorrow

Hearts to Paint or decoupage.

I sent for these lovely wooden hearts off the internet from a company called they have lots of different shapes some of these are to be decorated and tied to the handles of the flower jugs on the tables at my daughter Kate's wedding reception I will post a picture when they have been decorated

Delphiniums and other lovely flowers

A closer look at the cups.

Luck Find

Hello Everyone,

I am having a good day today I called into the Age Concern charity shop/thrift shop and found this lovely set of bone china cups and saucers plus plates and dishes. The cups will be used at my daughters wedding the plates will be used to try to mosaic I will let you see my efforts when I do it

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Hell Everyone,
Well I have had a busy week and weekend I have been painting my hallway, although it is not a huge room it has three doors that have to be painted so I still have not finished. I really cannot wait to get it all done as I have some new things to display and I have bought a country shelf for the display of my things. Oh well I will just keep going and as soon as it is completed I will post a picture.

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